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Saturday, July 10, 2010

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Transition Stage

This is a time when a disabled student is getting ready to learn skills to help them become more independent in the community setting outside of school. Transition can start as early as twelve years of age in the school setting. The sooner this is set up the better it is for the student and the family. Parents and caregivers need to obtain as much information as possible and advocate for their child during this time period. This is a time when a service coordinator, school CSE, and primary care physician should come together and help the school develop a plan in the students IEP ( individual educational plan ) for the students future transitioning needs.

Once the student is in their last year of school there are certain things that need to be put in place before the end of the school year so that tansitioning is done correctly and smoothly for the student. Make sure to communicate with your service coordinator, primary physician, and CSE department during this time period on a routine basis to make sure all necessary goals are being worked on.

Some questions that might be of concern depending on your child's needs are as follows.

 * What type of job will my child want to do or be able to do? Will my child need a job coach and where do I get these services from?

 * Does my child want or need to further their education? Does my child need further psychological testing before leaving high school?

 * Does college provide the same assistance with learning disabilities as public school?

 * Where will my child live and what type of assistance will he or she need?

These are just some examples of questions you will need to go over with your service coordinator. The service coordinator can help with these questions and also the school.



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 Where to begin
If you think your child might have a disability the first place to start is with your pediatrician or your family doctor. Your child will need to be assessed and diagnosed with a disability before being able to obtain services. Your pediatrician or family doctor is the one that can evaluate your child and refer them to a specialist for further testing for a diagnoses.
Once a diagnosis is made a parent can start to research services. One place to begin is with your pediatrition or your family doctor. Depending on what the age of your child is will determine on where you would start.
Birth thru toddler
If you have a infant or toddler that has been diagnosed with a disability you can start by finding services through your pediatrician or family doctor. One of the first places that sevices  may begin with is through  The Early Intervention program. This program will assess your child's needs through evaluations by a team of professionals in areas such as speech, vision, fine and gross motor skills. You can ask for more information through your doctor, and you can also view the link provided below. Just click on the Early intervention web site and this can help you find information about this program. A parent can also view the government links also as these will also share this information.

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School age children

When your child has a disability it is important to meet the committee on special education also referred to as CSE. When meeting with CSE a individual educational program can be developed for your child. Services needed for your child are set up through this committee. Some services that may be provided are occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech and language services, pyschological evaluations, music therapy,  and visual therapy. To learn more about your childs education go to the site below NYSED.gov Vocational and educational services for individuals with disabilities. This site has educational laws and what is to be provided by your school and many more questions that could be answered.

Informational Resources

Early Intervetion ( services for disabled infants and toddler)                                           Parent to Parent

http://www.health.state.ny.us/community/infants_children/early_intervention                www.parenttoparentnys.org

NYSED.gov Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with disabilities           Understanding Medicaid Service Coordination

http://www.vesid.nysed.gov/specialed/publications/lawsandregs/home.html               http://www.parenttoparentnys.org/Services/MSC/mscbooklet.html

The ARC of Steuben                                                                                                                         CSS: Self Determination in NYS

http://www.arcofsteuben.org/ArcSteuben/BestCompany.php                         http://www.parenttoparentnys.org/Library/Links&Resources/nysresources.html                      

The Arc of Livingston                                                                                                                    Understanding Family Support Services

 http://www.lwarc.org/svccood.html                                                    http://www.parenttoparentnys.org/Library/Miscellaneous/familysupportservices_understanding.htm

Livingston County Goverment Center                                                                                       Health Care Recordkeeping Notebook

http://www.co.livingston.state.ny.us/bos.htm                                                    http://www.parenttoparentnys.org/Family2Family/Record%20Keeping/recordkeeping.htm

Stueben County Goverment Center                                                                                         HCBS Waiver in NYS

http://steubencony.org/                                                                                   http://www.parenttoparentnys.org/Family2Family/Fact%20Sheets/hcbswaiver.htm

Steuben County Department of Special Children's Services                                          Financial Aid Fact Sheet

http://steubencony.org/scs/index.html                                                             http://www.parenttoparentnys.org/Family2Family/Fact%20Sheets/financialaid.html

Justice for Children Advocacy Center                                                                                  Medicaid                                       

http://www.nyscarcc.org/directory/cac/genesee.php                                            http://www.health.state.ny.us/health_care/medicaid/

NYS Commission onQuality of Care and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities           Self Advocacy Association of NYS

http://www.cqcapd.state.ny.us/                                                                              www.sanys.org

Families of Children who are Medically Fragile                                                                 Information available on the website of NYS OMRDD

http://www.parenttoparentnys.org/Forms/joinmedfragilegroup.htm                            Acronym List    http://www.omr.state.ny.us/journal/hp_acronym.jsp

 Health Care Choices Booklet                                                                                              Catalog of Training and Development Programs available to parents, professionals, and

http://www.omr.state.ny.us/hp_healthcare.jsp                                                 peopele with disabilities- http://www.omr.state.ny.us/wp/index.jsp

 Task Force on Special Dentistry                                                                                  













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